How the Patron Online Ordering System benefits your business

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Boost team morale

  • Staff more efficiently

  • Stay ahead of your competition

  • Make online ordering easier, faster and more appealing

  • Give your guests more control

  • Turn tables faster

  • Offer real time discounts, coupons, events and promotions

  • Sell more food and drinks

  • Cut down on long lines and wait times

online ordering platform and mobile ordering app

Happy Merchants

Faster Table Turns

Increase In Sales

Higher Average Tips

Patron will revitalize your hospitality experience.

Your customers can eat, drink and relax.

It is their time to unwind.

The Patron Online Ordering Platform can integrate into all POS systems and we also have a side by side tablet solution. Patrons use the simple iOS or Android App to order.

Patron online ordering technology allows you to turn tables faster, which translates into happier customers and more profit for you! With the ability for your customer to be able to order and reorder from their smartphone at their convenience, they WILL order more frequently. This will markedly increase your overall sales!

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on POS table ordering systems and worry about the upkeep and software issues. With Patron, your guests will all use their own smartphone to order, reorder and pay anytime they want. Every single customer will have access to order and pay from the table, bar, patio or even on their way to your venue.

Revitalize Your Hospitality Experience | Turn Your Customers Into Loyal Patrons!

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